The Dangerous Idiots Spotify Catalogue Just Got A Little Bigger…

Hey You Gorgeous People!

I have another record for you. This time it’s a 4-song EP called I Killify You, and it’s from my thinky bad boy pop-punk outfit, The Dangerous Idiots

It’s a darker sound for the band.

The lyrics tackle some heavy hitting subjects, such as mental illness (Sunny with a Chance of Bullets) and the wanton destruction of the world (Rope). But, on the plus side, there’s also songs about love (Wifi) and weed (If You Don’t Smoke Pot, I Don’t Trust You). So, it’s dark but not unnecessarily so. 

You should definitely give I Killify You a listen!

Check out the debut single, Sunny with a Chance of Bullets on streaming services everywhere. This song is so good, you’ll shit a wolf.