Shout out to Sean Clancy and The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for this excellent review of my band’s new record. If you haven’t heard “I Killify You,” the fantastic sounding new ep from The Dangerous Idiots yet, whoa mama, do you got a good time coming to you. 


REVIEW: The Dangerous Idiots / “I Killify You”

By Sean Clancy [The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette], September 15, 2022

◼️ Dangerous Idiots, “I Killify You” — Fronted by singer-songwriter-guitarist Aaron Sarlo, Dangerous Idiots can always be counted on to deliver smart, immensely catchy ’90s-tinged alt-rock, and “I Killify You” is no exception. Sarlo is joined by Randy Harsey (drums) and Jake Rutherford (bass) for this four-song EP, which was released Aug. 5 on Sarlo’s Legitimate Businessman Records.

It’s a mainline hit of power-trio adrenaline as Sarlo rages against the horror of mass shootings on “Sunny With a Chance of Bullets,” goes full-on Queens of the Stone Age on “Rope” and praises the power of a good love on the anthemic “Wi-Fi.” And then there’s “If You Don’t Smoke Pot, I Don’t Trust You,” an ode to weed that starts as a sort of electrified hoe-down then somehow morphs into a bona fide stadium rocker before returning to the quaint, country riff from the beginning, all in just under four minutes. It’s an absolute hoot.