To Do: I Was Afraid

by Aaron Sarlo • February 9, 2017

If delicious Americana rock melancholia steeped in stadium-quality sound isn’t your thing, rather than seeing Lucero and Esmé Patterson at Rev Room, you have one more good option for live music on Friday night. Oh wait. Did I say good? I meant jaw-droppingly good. Little Rock’s beloved I Was Afraid is releasing a 7-inch on San Antonio’s Sunday Drive Records. Numerous times across social media, and for quite a while now, I have seen people randomly post a version of this: “I Was Afraid is my favorite band.” I earnestly report to you that these posts were not made by band members, nor by flunkies. These posts are being made by friends and acquaintances of mine who know from good music. Not naming names. Unfortunately, I have not seen I Was Afraid live. However, I will probably be doing so this Friday night, in part because of my friends’ recommendations, but also because of the freakishly good line up, which also includes Colour Design, Headcold and Attagirl. I played each of those artists when I was the host of Shoog Radio, and I am here to tell you that they are all excellent. If you like hard rock, and I mean cinder block hard rock crashing through your face like the apocalypse, you should make it a point to be at Vino’s. Carve Friday night at Vino’s into the back of your hand with a box cutter, or, if you’re a soft, spongy, product receptacle, put it in your iCal. Just be there.