Jazz in the Park: The Funkanites

by Aaron Sarlo • March 30, 2017

Fans of free jazz (meaning jazz music shows that can be attended without charge, as opposed to the sub-genre of jazz that is defined by freedom from tonality and rhythmic restrictions) can rejoice, because Jazz in the Park begins its Spring 2017 concert series in just a few days. Which band has the distinction of being able to kick off the season? None other than Little Rock powerhouse jazz ensemble The Funkanites. Sponsored by the River Market and the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau, Jazz in the Park is decidedly family-friendly. Without a doubt, exposing one’s children to jazz music is considered to be pitch-perfect parenting, and all the other concertgoers will look favorably upon your skills. I ask you to try to imagine a finer way to spend a balmy Arkansas spring night than by listening to jazz at the History Pavilion, watching the sun set on the Arkansas River. One caveat: Attendees are asked not to bring their own coolers and refreshments. Beverages, koozies and popcorn are available for purchase; proceeds go to Art Porter Music Education Inc. Add it all up: You can listen to sumptuous jazz for free on the banks of the river while drinking tasty beverages, supporting your community and showing off what a remarkable parent you are. Top that, Netflix and Papa John’s.