To Do: Handmade Moments 

by Aaron Sarlo • February 2, 2017

Longtime listeners of Little Rock’s excellent Shoog Radio will have heard Handmade Moments before, as their fantastic song “All I Wanted” is a staple on the show. That would be Central Arkansas fans’ primary source for hearing the band, as Handmade Moments hasn’t played ’round these parts in almost a year. Well, primary may be a stretch. Handmade Moments (a sort of saxophone-infused Americana jazz fusion, like Shaky Graves minus the country-fried millennial angst) is kinda literally everywhere these days. The duo formed in the wake of the excellent Conway band, Don’t Stop Please, and wasted almost zero time writing and performing new material. Handmade Moments, essentially, lives on the road, has toured all the way down to South America and back, plays venues across the U.S., and is a frequent guest on radio shows across the land. Handmade Moments is legitimately great. I suppose there is a story behind the band’s lackluster name, but whatever it might be, the name woefully belies the talent and love that shines out of every Handmade Moments song. The group’s at the White Water Tavern this Friday night (with touring buddies, Rainbow Girls — gah! Can’t anybody name a band anymore?) and at King’s in Conway on Saturday. I wouldn’t miss either show because it might be another year before you have the chance to see them again. (9 p.m. White Water Tavern. $8.)