“You will never need a home as long as there’s the slightest spark in these old bones.” – Wifi

I wrote my first song at the age of 7 to help me remember a phone number, and learned at 10 that I had perfect pitch. Despite these two things, it wasn’t until I was 15, bought my first guitar at a yard sale for $10 and started plunking around on it for s’s and g’s when I decided to give songwriting a try.

It turns out I quite enjoy it. 



My band: Techno Squid Eats Parliament

I enlisted the talents of Clay Bell on vocals and guitar, Mark Pearrow on bass, and Shayne Gray on drums. Together, we formed Techno Squid Eats Parliament, signed with Ardent Records, and released our first record on Philips Multimedia. Listen HERE.




My band: Slept 

After TSEP, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts with my friends, Chris O’Brien and Phillip Ouellette. The three of us formed the indie prog-rock band, Slept. Listen HERE.




My band: The Dangerous Idiots

After Slept, I moved back to Little Rock, began writing demos (two albums worth), and formed my longtime project, The Dangerous Idiots. The Idiots played our first show 09/09/09, and then I signed the band to Mostar Records (London, UK). Dangerous Idiots is still releasing records and playing live today. Listen HERE.




My band: Laundry for the Apocalypse

I formed a side project with longtime friend (and Techno Squid mega-fan), Adrian Brigman. We named it Laundry for the Apocalypse, and soon after, three additional members joined. We released one record, a dream-pop rock record, also on Mostar Records. Listen HERE.




My band: Kid City

Kid City and Duckstronaut welcomed the appearance of my electric dulcimer, a unique instrument with a very distinctive sound. Kid City released our EP, PG-13 Cash Grab, on Legitimate Businessman Records in 2021. Listen HERE.




Future Aaron Sarlo releases… 

2022 saw the release of a new Dangerous Idiots EP, 2 previously unreleased Techno Squid Eats Parliament studio records, the entire Slept catalogue (previously unavailable anywhere), an album of early demos of mine.

In 2023, I will release my first solo acoustic record called One More Time for the Photographers. 

I will return to stages in 2023.